• divya_a 9w

    Binni, a small little mischievous child you could ever see but the innocence she holds will definitely melt your heart.
    The way she smiles and jumps seeing those balloons will catch your attention and will drive you to admire her,
    When she falls down while playing she drop tears but after hitting floor with her foot she again starts playing after all she punished the floor,
    For her everyday has something different to offer,
    Binni's heart and mind must be grateful to her because Binni never seems to bother them ,
    Well,I asked her what is she afraid of. She took some time and then replied "ghost".
    And she asked me the same question back,
    I said " I'm too afraid of ghost but in the form of humans"
    She gave a confused look but as soon as her favorite cartoon appeared on tv she ran away.
    For her everything is simple not complicated.
    May be that's the essence of childhood

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    Essence of childhood