• jamaree_writes_poetry 4w

    My P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

    "Nothing makes me feel better knowing my woman knows how to wear her Crown,
    Never having to worry about it falling off and going Down,
    You're constantly in my mind so much it's like if you own some real Estate,
    Distractions don't play a role because you always make it so easy to stay focused and Concentrate,
    With you in my sights, I look forward to seeing what's ahead on this uncertain Road,
    Taking the long route going the back way and keeping everything in my own Mode,
    If you start to feel any pain, then send it over towards me as I'll soak it up with my Absorbtion,
    As I convert it into positivity and happiness as I release it back with my Desoprtion,
    When you are in my presence, the sun seems to shine a little bit Brighter,
    Making it so simple to describe your beauty with me being the Writer,
    So grateful for all of the graceful and amazing energy that you tend to Bring,
    A blessing is what you truly are as I just want to love your beautiful soul my pretty young Thing ..."