• mjmerry13 9w

    Well I thought I could do something different rather than posting the usual quotes and rough poems....for a while

    This idea just caught in me very fast and this isn't a new one though.... But I wanted to give it a try... ��

    Sometimes we fail to realise that,
    The songs that can heal us.....
    Can find its own way to reach us.....�� ♥

    Music and its verses has always been a great companion... Well not only for me but for most of us.. Some lyrics are so relatable... And that just makes us listen to it again and again.

    The beautiful verses laid against its own rhythm just keeps on giving us old memories, new thoughts and hopes.

    I am gonna post the favorite part of the lyrics...from each of my beloved Playlists... Each day...

    Well yeah its just an ordinary way of expressing what each song taught me... How I became the artist's fan.... And why I still hold on to it.

    Hope you guys could revive your old favorites from my posts.... Or maybe add a new one to your playlist....

    Let's go find why theses simple verses are so meant to be in our hearts.... ❤

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    Music lover.... ❤