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    Inspired by @cold_akhil

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    I asked him what is your favourite thing to do?
    He looked into my eyes.Staring at my lips and leaning forward..whispered into my ears to play with your hair and smell your neck.
    I pushed him away to fill my bagpack he was just sitting on a bed just observing my actions.
    I asked what?.
    Do you know what is my unfavourite thing?
    Unfavourite.??..there is no such word dude..
    He looked at me like a child stop correcting my grammar miss writer..and answer if you know.To go to work???..
    Nah....to give you a intense and long enough goodbye kiss for you to remember my love until our next meet.Let me do your unfavourite thing...I went close to him and kissed a intense and long enough.to make him remember until our next meet..bye love.Bye honey..