• aravindiyer 9w

    What if!

    The ticker will get stuck at the eleventh hour
    The flavour of the ice cream begins to sour
    The waves forget to visit the coast.
    The clouds may not move anymore.
    The dogs that bark on mute
    The rain that forgets to kiss the ground.
    And sometimes what if ( until we live)
    The love stories, that gets the happy finale.
    The misunderstandings which never happens again.
    That long drive with a girlfriend without any hindrance.
    The age of our parents remains the same.
    We enter into a new planet from our materialistic life.
    We get a chance to reverse one bigger mistake.
    The words of several poetries get to reality.
    The superheroes who visits and rescue us

    There are some things which remain always under the element of what if. Let's maintain a few what-ifs so as to visit the imaginary life that we all dreamt/ dreaming of.