• deepak1372 6w

    It's not my fault yaar

    It's Not My Fault yaar

    Sometimes life puts you in mid of sea
    Where U ve to sell and can't flee

    In the mid of sea, Where there are storms
    Difficulties all around and pain in many forms

    Every road of life seems to get the end
    Only hope of your survival is to be disciplined

    IT'S NOT MY FAULT YAAR, if I m simple and ordinary
    From grandfather to father, the case is hereditary

    I too wanna dress up tight and comb my hair as celeberaties do
    But I know I 'd be deviated and so consider it as a taboo

    IT'S NOT MY FAULT YAAR, if I do not smoke
    I ve to keep my Mom's promise, would rather prefer to be worldish Joke

    Many a times I got attracted by Ciggretes and Bong,
    She hates it, how could I prove her wrong

    IT'S NOT MY FAULT YAAR, if I do not take Wine and Beer,
    Not wrong to take occasionally, but still I fear

    But still I fear, oh dear, how could I face them
    They never expect from me such, I would feel much Shame

    IT'S NOT MY FAULT YAAR, if I have not kissed a girl,
    Always been taught to respect them, like a precious sea pearl

    I know, I am different, isolated guy from this world,
    Still happier as I am, parents lessons are like diamond n gold