• naive_verses 10w

    When I Found "YOU"

    me & my, we call the world so mean,
    this has been so much of my routine.

    I looked for you in some places I should have never seen,
    and been some demon I should have never been!

    When I dreamt of walking with you on grass that is green,
    & yes, on you is where my future lean...

    A little late is better than never!!

    here I am to present to you all the masters of my wonder piece,

    Oh, wait I said it wrong it seems...
    But all I meant was the wonders of my master piece...

    when I was so scared,
    wanted to be repaired.
    In my mind I compared,
    problems were visually impaired.

    It brought to my soul a kind of relief,
    lifted the burden and freed me from my griefs!

    It all has happened only when,
    I could channel my trust then,
    I was so much scared that I did not dare,
    thought that my sins is all that is of care!

    but gladly I can say now,

    this seems to be my master piece.
    In him I find all comfort & peace,
    He brings to my life all the ease!

    Forever I'll be grateful for his graces,
    cause he loves me more than the life of his!