• su_tshant 10w

    She'd enough meat on her ass to trigger the imaginations of men, both young and old. Maybe some women's too. Guys hi five'd and giggled behind her back. watching her ass wiggle as she walked around and up and down the stairs.
    said one of the boys
    "she demands to see you at her office."
    I took off my shoes cover and trotted out the hall towards her office.
    I slightly opened the door to her office , poked my head in.
    "May I come in?"
    I pulled the door open, went in and carefully closed it. And stood dead, in front of her desk. Absorbing her. Whole of her. contouring her.

    She looked at me from behind her desk. she looked beautiful, her round puffy face, chocolatey skin glowed in white fluorescent light. She had a perfect breast, cleavage, she had thick thighs, with no in gaps between. She opened her beautifully painted lips and said.
    "I will need your bank name and account number."
    the way her lips touched and parted was mesmerising to look at.
    "I don't have it on me right now, How about I submit it tomorrow?"
    she lowered her head down and scribbled something on a sheet of white paper.
    " okay, you may leave now."
    "Thank you."
    I turned around, pulled the door open, walked out and carefully closed it behind me.