• theminx__ 5w

    I never wanted to forget.
    All I wanted was to be okay.

    I waited until patience did it's magic,
    patience with myself
    through all that was happening with me
    and with who I was turning out to be,
    with being lost and finding no way to come back,
    with feeling scared and helpless
    and all that crying and craving and emptiness
    and with all that darkness filling inside me
    until pain was the new calm,
    until it started to hurt no more
    and feeling absolutely nothing was the new routine.

    I let it all pass
    like nature unfolding itself as you go deeper,
    like an egg breaking it's shell and turning into a chicken,
    I could see myself taking baby steps towards a new self,
    it's slow but still is progress,
    progress that called for a lot of courage put together
    and guess what,
    like in all those movies where the ending is always happy,
    my days started to turn brighter
    and my smile wider, day after day.

    The cloud has passed
    and I am a better person
    who hasn't forgotten anything,
    anything from what I was told to forget
    to what I went through
    and what it took to get out of where I were.
    It all feels like a dream so fresh,
    I look back at it, smile
    and thank the who-so-ever for it all.

    I see who I were,
    why what happened has happened to me,
    what I've learnt through it all,
    what I'm supposed to take from it for a life time
    and most importantly, who stood by me
    and what I've made of myself today.

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    I never wanted to forget,
    all I wanted was to be okay.