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    BANGALORE, the fastest growing city with the mix of modern development and cultural heritage. The first city in India to be electrified by hydropower. It has many clubs, theatres, eateries and gardens. It used to be a retired people's paradise but now it buzzes with activity with many multinationals setting shop, which of course old timers feel bad about.
    The city with maximum number of engineers and the city that will never make you leave once you come here.


    Come visit Bangalore,
    The grand city of yore,
    It has many gardens,
    And buildings modern.

    It is India's silicon city,
    Traffic though is in a pity,
    Generous dose of potholes,
    Avoiding them is a big goal!

    Number of places of worship,
    And malls for money to blow up,
    Eateries are here so many,
    Different cuisines name any!

    Also known as the IT city,
    It has good accessibility,
    There is great diversity,
    City is always full of activity!

    Weather is wonderful,
    Neither too hot or cold,
    If you enjoy seeing rain,
    Braze also for blocked drains!

    The city has unbelievably grown,
    I can hear it moan and groan,
    What use is so much growth?
    Scared if it will lead to ts slow death

    All said and done,
    Bangalore is the one,
    I grew up loving her,
    No other place I prefer!


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    All said and done
    Bangalore is the one
    I grew up loving her
    No other place I prefer