• nifemi 10w

    He asked about my love life again,
    For the first time, I didn't say exactly what was on my mind,
    A long pause and I started flipping through my memories of them,
    There was sweet potato pie,
    Tough at first yet so soft and yummy,
    She took me to heaven in only a couple of minutes,
    Embarrassing as it might seem, the flood that followed was totally worth it,
    She was indeed the best I ever had,
    But love? Does love even exist?
    Well, I travelled back to my home and lost touch with her,
    Been looking for a bit of her in everyone else,
    The bland, the overly sweet, and the one with all the drama,
    Like before, there has been many more after that one,
    Her memory is so precious that I reminisce about it all every evening.