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    I'm not philosopher, but I have a few things to say about Love.
    Love is beautiful. Loving someone is beautiful. Being in love with someone is beautiful.

    I always believed that it's about two people, two souls, two love birds. But something changed that. That something being the fact that I fell in love.

    I fell in love like never before. I fell in love, knowing that she won't ever be mine. But somehow, it doesn't hurt this time.

    I know I might never be to her, what she is to me. She might never have feelings for me, not the ones I have for her, and she might just break my heart one day.
    But it doesn't hurt.

    I used to believe that love is about two people.
    It is about to people. But it's not necessarily between two people. It's just about me, and her through my eyes.

    I don't expect her to be in love with me.
    I have never loved someone so unconditionally.

    Love. It doesn't hurt.

    The words I write about her. She reads them.
    But I know she doesn't know I think about her while I pen those words down.
    There is beauty in that.

    There is beauty in being in love with her.
    There's fun in keeping it a secret.

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    Love. It doesn't Hurt.