• __tanshi512 6w

    I feel strong..
    Coz I share my all to my parents..
    And my love..
    And expect for them..
    I need none in my life ❤
    I don't even need any friends..
    Coz I have my both elder and younger sister..
    I love you all my mini pack...
    My only request..
    Please never leave my side..
    My forever..
    My constant..
    Guide me always..
    Correct me..
    N if you ever find me wrong..
    Scold me...
    Even give me a tight slap..
    But please never leave my side!!
    You guys have no idea..
    What you mean to me..
    This selfish world tries to break me daily into small pieces..
    But just coz of your presence in my life..
    I survive it all..
    I just want to hug you people and cry..
    I never do anything wrong to anyone..
    Still I suffer the most..
    Each passing day.. When I try feeling good from inside..
    Something weird just happens to me in my life..
    Disturbing my all..
    I m crying and typing this post...
    Hope everything in life again gets on a track...
    #family #love

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