• smexymarie22 9w

    Sign These Divorce Papers My Dear

    I have ask nicely did you Do, But as usual you tell me with Who?

    Going through your messages I have found multiple Things, And I believe in karma so I did some Things.

    I thought for once we was at a point in our life where we were One, but I see now that spot is not for me but it is for Someone.

    Almost a whole year without fighting and yet another secret comes Out, but as usual you thought I was not going to find Out.

    You always told me that because of your ex is why your relationship didn't Work, Im starting to think that is a lie because we are not about to Work.

    Lucky me we both have family Here, So get a pen and get ready to sign these divorce papers my Dear.

    Written by *lindamarie* 07/15/2020