• obiba_jj 34w

    My heart is racing at the thought of then
    That time, that other time, and that other time
    When I thought that it was it
    I sunk into my own paradise
    One already painted, though the brush was still undecided
    Every chapter after the other
    And my heart would scream, "finally a break"
    You'd think love counted for anything lately
    All cards on the table, even when their chips were hidden
    Yes, maybe this is my path
    But how can one life seem so empty yet so occupied
    Those who mind don't matter
    Those who matter don't mind
    I thought those words were long behind me
    Am I not worthy of such love, even if for only just a while?
    There's nothing like happy ever after
    And if you see this, don't say anything
    Now you're only just a chapter that appears once in my dreams