• passing_clouds 6w

    Whenever I see boys in your age, I used to think it is you. Whenever I see a brother caring for his sister, I miss you a lot. Whenever I see them fight silly, cry, laugh together, I miss you more than anyone would imagine. All the pain inside me gets out either by tear or smile. And trust me, you are there in each drop of my tear and stretch of my lips. Me and our family especially mom, she cries and dies every day to see you. Whenever she sees a boy of your age driving his mom in the bike, she feels so jealous and burst in tears. I remember you asking for a bike when you are just 3 years old. If you are with me now, I hope I would have the best brother in the world. Yeah, you are younger than me, I want to hold you and wish I cared you as mom does. Sometimes, I wish one day you will come back to us. I feel jealous whenever a brother cares and supports his sister, I wish you were alive to treat me like a little princess. We were together for just 4 years, but still, I carry all the sweet memories we shared and it will continue till my last breath. I wish there was a way to meet you in heaven. I miss you everyday! Love you so much