• just_thoughte 10w

    Your boyfriend

    Your boyfriend likes me,
    He says I turn him on.
    He wishes you were like me
    Lest he leaves you forlon.
    He sends me mails, it's besides me
    Dont you dare frown.
    It's not you, it's me
    The one he wants to own.

    Your boyfriend likes me
    My type he ain't at all
    So when you are beside me,
    Do not cower, stand tall.
    If I wanted he would have me,
    And leave you feeling so small.
    So smile and thank me
    Lest a breakup to you befall.

    Your boyfriend likes me.
    Do you hear what I say
    You say I am psycho
    But it's the highway or my way
    I will shout for it echo
    And repeat it everyday
    I might be a psycho
    But he wants me anyway.