• surabhisuru 6w

    Am I okay?

    I was looking outside the window,
    at night again
    I did tried my best to sleep,
    But sleep was out of my league.
    Keeping myself busy the whole day,
    Just to find my sleep one day.
    When it didn't, I gave in.

    Busy schedule, to keep my thought away.
    I did my best to be happy,
    So I smiled, and laughed.
    But when light get low, I cried.

    I'm constantly trying to be okay,
    But am I okay?
    Fighting my brain, just to survive another day.
    Day after day, the same play.
    Laying on the bed, another tear fell.

    Same loneliness, same fight, same question Everyday.

    Am I okay?
    AM I OKAY!