• samrat1057 10w


    Deep into the blues, can't hear a thing but my slowing heartbeat.
    Immersed from head to feet, into the bluish mystery.
    Glimering rays of the sun hit the surface but disappears before it touches my face.
    Sinking deep now into the unknown, thoughts run dizzy and mind wanders clueless.
    Breath slowing down and life flashes in front of my eyes.
    Nothing to show ,apart from a few scars, handful of memories, a bar fight, a dead friend and a writers wish list. Nothing that intrigues to make it to the "okay list" or interesting enough to make a
    "Remember when" story.
    300ft deep so soon, my head finally hits the rock bottom, along with the bottle of whiskey I've been drinking this afternoon ; in both cases I won't remember what happened to me next but I'll say this
    That's a strange "wave of emoji" you get along;
    when the jukebox starts playing a John Mayer song...