• theultimateinsane 5w

    Say you love me, you feel me
    I said I won't I won't
    Sprouted seeds
    would be planted or eaten umbrellas in summer or rain

    Who knows those Blossoms
    that had bloomed there
    are for worships or proposals
    Confessions lamenting in vain Not a Fairytale of

    Once Upon A Time
    Not a love of
    letters and confessions anymore
    Inside my heart safely they are
    Snatched away into
    The world of silence
    Like a Pyrrhic phalanx of embattled love

    Chasing rancour through my veins
    Nourishing hatred well for the Adroit fugitives

    //Halt by... Shhh! can you hear that galloping sound?// Armed with betrayals

    They are coming to break down the Garrison of my
    unconfessed feelings
    To the feelings I whisper - //Run away my feelings
    they will burry you and
    words will make you
    a Sleeping Beauty
    in the tomb forever
    wherever you are run away
    far and far... //
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