• wordslover321 6w


    She heard the voice
    A hush
    A whisper
    A quiet voice
    Heard only when she was alone
    She tried to ignore it

    She trudged along the path
    Dragging her tired feet
    And even more tired mind
    A heavy soul engulfed in emotional baggages

    Her life...
    Filled with broken dreams
    Circuitous situations
    A medley of chaos and drama

    She heard the voice again
    Clearer than before
    Closer than before
    There was nothing to do but listen to it

    It spoke..
    Loud and clear
    Of hope
    Of light
    Of new dreams
    Of new possibilities
    Of new beginnings

    She felt immensely light
    A heavy stone lifted off her heart
    She trusted her path
    With new hope she walked on..

    That good always wins over evil
    Is it a myth or a truth?
    It's time to find out
    And what more apt time
    Than Diwali - The festival of lights!!