• smitanand 10w

    O Mother...

    Let me step into the warmth of your arms,
    Let me bask in the sunshine of your smile,
    Let me hold you a moment longer, mother mine.

    You are my beginning
    my ubiquitous meaning,
    umbilical bond of my sustenance,
    I was an embryo to your nurturing cotyledon,
    moulded from the clay of your sinews.
    your lullabies linger in
    my heartbeats as dulcet sighs,
    those dogeared fables twinkle
    like fireflies in cherished memories.

    I yearn for your warm embrace
    that reminiscent of aromas from your kitchen and jasmine soap,
    You wiped my smudged face
    with your anchal wherein lingered
    a whiff of turmeric, spices and sandalwood,
    together we laughed and giggled
    over buttery popcorns,
    watching cartoons, reading fairytales.

    you are no longer there,
    but a shimmering star on my horizons
    long having deserted the earthly shores,
    Yet when you come visiting me
    in the land of Morpheus,
    I yearn to hold you tight and never let go,
    refusing to believe that you are
    but a gossamer figment of imagination.