• jinaupadhyaya 9w

    Excess of good also turns out as evil

    The universe always carries two nature
    Goods and bad both have the creature
    We crave for those things which makes us thrill
    For a harmonious life we need our jolly pill
    The grounds of elation would be anything
    The tiny little can also bring
    Different people have different choice
    Also , they can raise up their voice

    People find elation in unalike elements
    And those also have their own fragments
    Consisting both good & bad mould
    When pleasing things become your addiction
    They triggers their ignition
    And addiction can blemish your position
    As we know excess of good also turns out as evil
    It will usher you to the pathway of lethal
    Everything is moving with balance
    Just keep your credence
    Your journey begins & has more
    To the enlivening , wondrous shore.