• reshma_moin_sheikh 5w

    Broken Dreams, Hopes Intact
    Millions of miles you ceaselessly walked,
    Your bare feet kissed every single thorn,
    Under the scorching sun, with your throat blocked,
    Leaving bloody footprints on every rock you stamped upon.

    With focus, undeviated , your mission was led,
    Exhausted yet marched , you never collapsed,
    Chased the dreams, beneath the open lashes, that bred,
    During the day, which the sunrays witnessed.

    With the petals of hopes in the basket of your heart,
    You wished the fragrance of triumph to flow far & wide.
    The dreams being fragile have fallen apart,
    The buds of hopes have blasted and dried.

    But you're still left with breaths at your disposal,
    Untill the last one, do not surrender,
    Never stops turning the life's corousel,
    Sorrows have passed paving the way for laughter.

    Distraughtedness shouldn't hollow out your soul,
    *Broken dreams* are actually the steps taken back,
    To take a great leap towards your goal,
    With more power & energy, you ought to bounce back.

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    *Insta Handle :* *sword_of_word_86*


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