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    I know it's 21st century, and for people like us in metropolitan cities its difficult to believe that there are women ,who still don't get the respect they deserve .

    Constructive criticism is always welcome.

    In very beginning,
    she was quiet, obedient,
    whatever they said,
    she agreed,
    exactly the way,
    society had expected her to be.

    As time passed,
    she realised,
    the ugly, brutal reality,
    Women are supposed to follow some norms,
    decided by the society.

    She was blamed,
    for everything,
    for failures,
    for her broken engagement,
    for everybody's agony,
    according to father,
    she bought shame to the family.

    With tears in eyes,
    fire in mind,
    she is standing there,
    with unfinished dreams,
    smile on lips,
    but dying from every inch.

    she turned into a ,
    she may look calm and poised,
    but had a,
    active volcano inside.

    She was,
    in cage of,
    male dominated society,
    trying to suppress her voice.
    facing it all,
    on her own.

    She knew,
    she has to become strong with each passing day,
    she can't accept the injustice ,
    done to her soul,
    she may have cried in night,
    she had to fight.

    She was labelled as,
    she didn't care,
    she knew it was not fair.

    It was not fair,
    to break someone to the point,
    where only option left for them,
    is to die.

    She did all she could,
    to keep the little girl inside her alive.

    she hardly expects anything,
    from her prince,
    whenever he may arrive.

    May b in disguise,
    but ,
    I think,
    in the end,
    she will survive.


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    She will survive..