• vs2002 22w

    The Forest By The Road

    Where the sounds of the city overlap with the rustle of leaves,
    Stirring, Stop, Layering, Across
    Where the soft ground of moss and grass cannot click with the mechanical road hidden from veiw
    Tarmac, Asphalt, White lines, Rush
    And the trees, ever reaching, cannot comprehend why something so fast would speed in that direction
    Looking out, Moving up, Reaching, growing
    Cannot comprehend why growth is unimportant to these metal cages seemingly controlled by flesh
    Pulling, Whispering, Thinking, Flowing
    And a sparkle bounces off each of these vehicles as they pass, is this real?
    Shining, Speeding, Moving, Leaving
    The most vile smoke in their wake, in a stream, in the wind, in the air
    Billowing, Puffing, Chugging, Grieving
    Whats so important?
    What is so important that we'd sacrifice the world to get there?
    Crying, bleeding, fearing, dying
    But we'll get there...
    By driving, sailing, burning things, flying