• childauthor_345 5w

    Modern depends upon the net
    All answers searched just in one set
    It's part of life more than a family member
    It is messiah for people nowadays who can't remember
    Surely it'll broke students' hearts
    If google departs

    It'll become tough to view the celeb life
    How can we see। the discussion about Salman's wife
    Student will fail to answer in online class and exam
    How we can search about the viral ones on FB or Instagram
    The life will become no wheel on carts
    If google departs

    How we'll manage e- tips e- news easily online
    What about the posts consisting images to shine
    APK apps , PDFs , google sites everything will extinct
    Then people have the self knowledge few right few right all distinct
    How we get to know the existence of quotes , facts and verses on broken hearts
    If google departs

    How fact videos on YouTube can be made
    How can we tip for best team best app all best grade
    How school can make their presence felt in absence of web pages
    Surely student will develop more IQ will no more on online crazes
    How hard words can be understood in poet's arts
    If google departs