• dee_lines 9w

    Black and Proud

    My skin I wear proudly
    ’I am black!’, I shall say loudly.
    My voice will not be silenced
    My dreams won't be sentenced
    I won't live in fear of been mutilated

    I am black,
    Carrying the strength of my father’s back.
    I won't shrink when the cops bark,
    Nor will I live in a hole till dark.
    I’ll live in the day, protesting my mark.

    I am black!
    Don’t kill me for the melanin you lack
    Let me wear my skin freely in the park
    Let my opinions be spilled in frank
    Let me speak, and not be killed by men in rank.

    I am black I say, as bright as day.
    Free to be gay, and to pray.
    My freedom I won’t give for pay
    Accept me or not as you may
    Still my life matters everyday!
    l am black! I proudly say!