• anonymous_guy 35w

    Not too good from me but I was just writing randomly and thought I might post it.


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    Will they turn up, will they show,
    I hope they will, but I never know.

    My heart beats fast, as I journey on,
    Hoping they'll be there, they won't be gone.

    I pray they won't, won't leave me behind,
    Trying to calm down, to calm my mind.

    I turn up early, I wait for friends,
    Asking where are they, but not hitting send.

    It's not that I'm impatient, I'm scared you see,
    Scared that they'll go, that they'll leave me.

    I know I should trust, but I've never learnt,
    Because I had trusted, old bridges burnt.

    So I protect new bridges, for them I care,
    I guard these bridges, I always prepare.

    I don't take a chance, I try not to,
    Won't let them break, I only have a few.

    I varnish these bridges, I clean and protect,
    Anticipating the bad, the bad I expect.

    I wonder when, when I will trust,
    That my friends won't leave, leave me in the dust.

    I wonder when, I can rest and relax,
    Calming down, not keeping track.

    I wonder when, when the bridges will hold,
    Hopefully before, I turn grey and old.

    I wonder when, when I can write,
    About my joy, not my fright...