• rodney 10w

    22nd September, 2020.
    11:23 p.m.

    If you know someone who needs help with their addictions. Help them with kind words not with rude confrontations. We all suffer from addictions. We claim theirs to be bad? Yes, it harms their lives and the people around them. But that doesn't mean an addict isn't suffering. They all need another chance, someone to reach out to them and lift them up from their pit. Recovery is hard but the will to become sober overshadows it. Right? Hope we could atleast help one soul to give up on their addiction by being nice to them.

    #addiction #druguse #rehab

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    Audacious addiction's intervention.

    Please, don't leave.
    Please, let me in.

    Please, give me a chance to prove you wrong.
    I promise, this won't end like our favourite song.

    I need your help to extract my pieces out of this loop.
    I don't want you to carry me around the block.
    I don't want you to stay in all around the clock.

    I need you like the bird needs trees.
    I need you like the earth needs gravity.

    I need someone, someone to guide me around.
    Say hi and not get buried in the ground.

    I need you but my addiction needs me.

    I love you but my addiction melancholically intoxicates my body.

    The ways we both were raised are bipolar.
    While mine was diabolical, yours was uncannily dissimilar.

    Yet we fell in love with eachother.
    That's why I need you to walk a little further.

    Help me to stand up without emptying these bottles,—
    They've become my walker.

    I need you, I need to feel love a little more sturdier.

    Maybe then, maybe you.

    Or maybe it's just me.

    Just me who could help myself to think clearer.
    And, see my life a little more brighter.

    Maybe only I can maker myself better.

    Maybe, just maybe you could just stand there in the corner.

    Like, the teardrops running down my face like ocean water.

    I could wash away my sins and rinse myself in holy water.
    And, finally live together.