• __lk__ 9w


    His smile was so innocent and charming,
    He looked so cute in that lil sherwani, such a darling
    His eyes were twinkling and had so much joy,
    He wanted to see all this and live jus like I got to enjoy.
    He was my brother, and we had to do it all together
    Growing up, driving a car, partying hard and least, to be free whatsoever.
    I have come this far, to see him stand right there,
    Like time had become slow in his world and speeded up in my share,
    He couldn't catch up with me and nor could I even try.
    I hope he becomes the boy he is destined to be,
    On his toes, rumbling with energy just like a twinkling star.
    If I get one wish, it would be to give him back his life,
    Because he deserves this more than he has ever gotten in this life.