• chongtie 10w


    Every decision is a challenges for me
    And every new day is an adventure of survival.
    From the day of choosing my career in highschool,
    Till this moment of living a life in different corner.
    Choosing to stay up alone far from home was the toughest indeed fortunate enough.
    I remember my Dad was protective enough for me to let go of me alone.
    Yet He was and will always be my strength to face the risk.
    To crossed a path in unknown places traveling for days alone to reach the destination,
    Meeting unknown people in my journey is another kind of learning new behaviour.
    And a person who is on an adventure is actually having fun to take risk and challenges in life.
    It will obviously mould oneself for better or for worst
    And this too is an adventure for me.

    Life is always at risk .
    Unable to take up risk is also a risk.

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    I'm on an adventure.