• indukutty3lifelove 10w

    Teach your children to respect each and every individual for whatever they are.
    All are beautiful, talented and unique in their own ways!
    Don't spoil your child's mind by instilling negative thoughts about gender prejudices, color differences, culture, Creed,community, family background, financial status, physical appearance...and so on.

    So nurture our next generation, to be better humans, bearing kindness in their hearts and positivity in their minds.
    Teach them not to compare ....instead to appreciate their own talents and to become
    the better version of themselves.

    Tell your children, it is okay to be imperfect rather than forcing them to be perfect!
    Tell them it is the character, that matters, not the materialistic or physical aspects.
    Teach them it is okay to fail...but not to give up.
    It's always better to mould a world of love with down to earth people, rather than, carving out a sophisticated filthy land filled with judgemental hypocrites.