• joseywhales78 5w

    you so much but you look but don't touch is that how you truly feel keeping feelings on the real

    when you're around motherfucking it ain't causing problems get the fuck about these niggas don't you know we saw them give the fuck what you feel giving her but you say baby girl nig why we be doing major things don't you know how we swing it's like fishtailing in the lane we're bringing motherfucking punches back give a fuck how you feel or how you react gives a fuck if you want to touch my kitty cat but you ain't such a shit that's for bear facts cuz you a dick hoes use a dick knows he's a punk mother fucker with no hoes he's a tramp motherfucker trying to talk that shit you ain't got fucking money use a punk ass bitch shut your mother fucking listen for we get it quick don't you understand how i fucking bought this piss papa down to the floor make my ass clap give a fuck about your ass make you fucking feel facts for fucking fucking reason for fucking fucking fucking fucking reason now it's fucking seasons but a shed like your mother fucking hair you going to understand i get the fuck how you feel you already bald-headed weak ass fucking bitch you hate straight hating on a real ass bitch get a fuck about your ass nigg and your tricks he's a fuck who you with you must well suck dick cuz you ain't worth shit you stupid ass fucking bitch this is real fucking talk from a real fucking player get the fuck i'll be pimping in the area different every year codes for a reason gives a fuck about your ass you know this season this is real fucking talk gives a fuck about the cold gives a fuck about your ass gets a fuck about your hoes you ain't even worth mother fucking a dime wept the fucking dirt up a penny ride sweep it up throw it to the fucking trash can pick it up.