• cation 5w


    This holiday i started a fresh hobby. It is hiking. There is a green hill which named Bukit Dua Ringgit that a stone throw away from my house. So, my brother and i went hiking while most people were sleeping at 7 a.m. yesterday. It was hard for me since i quit from this family activity last year. But, it's scenery of green forest with a cold mist made my heart became calm allthough the path we choose was so slope that made us a little slipped . Life is also like that too. It was adventurios and has a lot of barriers that we need to overcome bravely. You cannot stay put and hope that one day you can succes without any effort. Or we can just name it miracle if that happen. But , what i want to mention is succes will come after you fixed your failure not cried on your failure. We are only a designer. The God know what the best for us. So , accept it with a open heart okay .