• uncle_sam 5w


    I got my girl back and that's no lie
    I lost you five years ago.
    I thought you were done
    I thought you were gone
    I was stupid back then,i used to toy with your feelings and never cared how you felt towards me.
    You were scared to tell me I love you Sam
    You were afraid that those words would mean nothing to me.
    But I'm so happy
    To have you again
    I missed you so much
    Now you are back in my arms.
    You're the only one that's special in my life
    You walk around with a smile on your face
    You could make me smile any day
    You make my heart speed up ten miles
    This time i don't want to let you go.
    Without you I felt crazy,
    it drove me insane.
    This time just take my hand and never let go.
    I don't care,
    what other people will say,
    we're back together.
    With you I feel complete.
    I will always love you
    "until the end" I will say
    each and every night
    I will tell you before bed.
    This time I never want to lose you again.
    You mean so much to me more than any other person.
    You're the joy of my life and it will stay this way.
    You pick me up when I'm feeling blue.
    You are my everything
    We were always meant to be.