• leah84 21w

    As the worlds turning
    Your lifetime burning
    How should we spent our last years
    Cuz it ends with no warning
    Every moment is a blessing
    Live it at ur best
    Keep on guessing
    Cause ull never really no whats left.
    Believe in love happiness compassion
    No matter anothers reaction
    Even in hate anger rage
    Same book different page
    Different eyes same views
    Not given a right to choose
    Some are two faced
    Some stay on chase
    Day dreams or Night dreams
    Either way a nightmare cause screams
    Cuz whether Man or lady
    Broken hearts drive sain crazy
    Alive but cant hear a sound
    Mind hasnt been found
    Lifting off the ground
    In tears they drown
    Not there went they look around
    Still in a beautiful gown
    Wanted to smile but instead frown
    All my loved ones when i look down want to go home but never allowed
    Sorry but Heaven is home now