• distinctively_raw 9w

    It came unnoticed, quietly tiptoed
    A mobster, A prankster, Or
    A conundrum
    A havoc was sure…So it was.
    We hid underneath the bed, the tables..
    All the hideouts occupied by
    faces scared as much as ours.
    We have been here since then
    As the danger is still around.
    Our bodies imprisoned, minds too
    I've lost track of time
    The clock strikes,
    A gong resounds, unheard over
    My clamorous mind,
    Thoughts hovering here and there
    Eyes rolling out
    I've lost track of days
    Light and dark, looks alike
    Dates and days
    Only the calendar recalls.
    No meetings, no festivals to mark..
    Faded into oblivion,
    it hangs alone on the kitchen wall.
    Many have lost track of themselves
    Many more in the waiting line
    Others are good actors,
    A renowned insta life!
    I walk a lot,
    I spend hours in front of the mirror
    Eye in eye
    Unlike before…
    I face myself,
    I visit places,
    Every little spot of my house
    Has my footmarks..
    But every time before going to bed
    I look outside
    Hoping that we'll soon return to our usual tracks
    Terrify the terror
    And come out of our hideouts.

    Picture by-Me


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    Fast trains,
    may lose track
    Slow, may not get one
    Pause if you must.