• priyanka_raghu 36w

    Self Harm

    However hard I try,
    My hands go back to feeling numb.
    The numbness I felt,
    It's almost as good as having my heart ripped out.
    It's easier to breath,
    But to speak is just so hard.
    Whatever it is,
    Life's just got to screw it up.
    Breath in... Breath out....
    My thoughts catch up,
    My heart going wild,
    Trying to make my thoughts fade away,
    Just by beating louder and louder.
    My breath starts to shake,
    I open my eyes.
    It's not my breath,
    It's me.
    I'm shaking like it's winter and there is no one to keep me warm.
    Breathing in and out helps for a while,
    I know,
    It's just a matter of time before my thoughts catch up.