• aggrey_sunflower 10w

    Used to

    Am used to,
    To see Lovers holding hands on the streets,
    Kissing and taking photos together smiling,
    But at long last end up killing each other,
    Am just used to!

    Am used to see street kids,
    Them walking naked and hungry!
    Asking money from strangers,
    But some turned to help,
    Am just used to!

    Am used to see police taking bribes,
    Where else to report when the society support it too?
    The society we in is stupid,
    But we can make a change!
    Am just used to!

    Am used to a corrupt nation,
    Growing up and glowing ain't our language here,
    Corruption is our defender and shelter!
    But we are still voting hoping for the better day to come!
    Am just used to!