• dasjyoti 9w


    In the darkest woods,
    Travelling the way alone,
    Its not that sort kind of good,
    Stepping on the scattered thrones.

    Trembling with fear,
    Thought death was too near,
    Yelled loudly,but no one to hear,
    Seeking the shade of my mother.

    Lost my father,lost my mother,
    Even lost all my family members,
    Brooding over the past-
    And wants to overcome fast,
    Still having hope for someone to come,
    Will make all my anguish disappear.

    The world is like a mess,
    Gotta fed up in this life's long race,
    Seeking for a help, but
    Neither have a helping hand nor have God's grace,
    Still confused;
    Is being alone a great mistake?