• navnoor 23w

    July desires

    June’s ended,need a winter hold
    No rains ,no teary wails
    Just be around Julia.

    Mind’s bored
    Guitars gone,books worn off
    Light my eyes,Julia

    Long days,
    Slipping sands,ticking clocks
    Say my name aloud Julia

    Burnt flames,
    Soured taste
    I wanna smell your hair,Julia.

    Enough of birds,
    Long songs,distant sea shores,mountain homes,
    Kiss me strong,Julia .

    Small town’s far ,
    I’ve lost all tracks,
    Guide me home ,Julia.

    I’ve got nothing to talk ,
    Nothing to write ,nothing to fight for ,
    Show up Julia .

    No,no naked games
    neither touchy stares
    Just be around Julia.