• clarasage 30w


    ive got a feeling that todays going to go great
    but who can know whats in my fate

    And i finally wear a genuine smile
    maybe its just been a while
    or maybe im just in denial

    i walk these halls my earbuds in
    mind at ease and ready to begin

    go through the first two classes feeling okay
    when the dark stares back held just at bay

    closer and closer it seems to get
    i try my best not to fret

    my smile starts to falter
    my bright attitude begining to alter

    the cold creeps in drowning the light
    the sadness fills me im not alright

    im all alone in this cage of fear
    no one can get in not even those i hold dear

    i try and try to bend the bars but somehow they only cause scars

    i cant get out and i can not run
    for the darkness never leaves and will always return

    i try to be positive and cast a light
    but its all an allusion, hiding my fright

    the smile you see, it isnt me
    you may think im full of glee
    but deep inside its killing me
    all i want is to be set free,

    but ill never leave you all behind..
    all i can do is block out my mind..
    i hope and hope that you dont find..
    the one you love...

    is leaving you blind...