• gigglebunny213 5w

    Lord we need you. Holy Spirit meet us in our dire need as a nation. We are a broken wicked people that need the transforming power of Your Spirit.Lord protect your children that are standing in solidarity against racism and hate. Protect your children that wear a badge and have a duty to the community to protect and serve. Father we release our anger and fear into your hands to be replaced with peace and love. JESUS THE WORLD NEEDS YOU. THIS NATION NEEDS YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN ARE CRYING OUT AGAINST THE EVIL THAT SEEMS TO PREVAIL. Hear our cries Lord. Come Holy Spirit. Let your hand rest upon the communities and people directly affected by whats happening in today's world. Father I ask for your transforming grace and forgiveness to come upon those who are spreading this hate and violence and that you beckon them towards the cross and break their hearts for what breaks yours. We pray for courage and boldness as your believers to witness to those who don't know you but desperately need you right now.For those too tired to pray, too exhausted to lift their hands we lift our hands for you now in love. Most importantly I pray for your presence upon this nation to be so powerfully tangible that your love changes hearts tonight and transforms lives. Father be our refuge and strength. #Lovechangeseverything