• lauraann 9w


    The truth is fixed no denying it
    Loss will stay loss
    Regardless of your dreams
    You will always wake to the saddest reality...
    I break away more and more everyday
    My memories holding
    Keeping me from my own tragic end
    But nothing changes these feelings of inadequacies
    Nothing takes away the pain or the regret
    Tomorrow will come and I'll be here lost in my mind and in forgiveness at its best
    Good intentions never seem to be enough to keep me off the ledge of yesterday ... to take a nose dive into my own ignorance and swim in my Neverending grief how beautiful they are in my thoughts and in my dreams
    Wishing I could disappear from me
    Id rather be anything but what I see what glares back at me
    A broken mad distraught girl in need
    In need of healing but thats just not meant to be one must let go of what hurts before they may heal and I'm not willing to let go of them I'll stay here in my grief forever broken but thats on me leave ... I deserve absolutley nothing ...