• sammy05 9w

    #Travel Nostalgia

    On beholding the topic 'Travel Nostalgia', my subconscious mind took a flight which landed on the airport of memories,via the route of nostalgia and enlightened me with the fact that as we , the breathing beings are enveloped in our four-walled rooms, travelling is also encaptivated inside the four-cornered electronic gadgets , being tagged as 'virtual tours'. Those were the days when our travelling suitcase was all packed up with ecstasy, enthusiasm, adventure, curiosity and what not !! But now our travelling guide is the constant nagging fear of getting caught up by the virus and meeting the doom. Earlier the glimpse of aesthetic landscape scenery and incredible flora and fauna used to cater tranquility to the inner caves of our mind and soul , but now their is a suffocating cocoon of masks and headgears, which has bordered the sapiens from all the serene and blissful touch of the majestic nature. Traversing freely in different nook and corner of the world, now seem to me some past life tales .