• rebess 10w

    Lean on me

    To the girl who cries her self to sleep at night
    The one who wakes up crying and doesn't know why

    The one who slices her thighs open to breathe
    When anxiety holds her hostage sometimes for weeks

    To the girl who isn't afraid to die
    To tell the world a heartfelt goodbye

    To the ones who count tallies on their wrist
    To the ones that make pills disappear like a magic trick

    To the girl who thinks she's not loved so there is no reason to go on
    To the one who thinks all she can do is self harm

    To the girl who thinks losing pints of blood will make her slimmer

    To the one who prays no one asks her to remove her sweater

    To ones who are told to get over it
    Lean on me I'll hold your hand
    I'll help you get through it