• minutiae_in_metanoia 5w

    Yes, I did. I let my thoughts run wild when my heart couldn't be brave and do you have an idea what the earth said? It said, "I've never seen someone having a more group of destructive thoughts. Do these really stay in your mind all day? My goodness." It made me feel so strong.
    Yes, I did. I have been trying to get myself together but it just makes more sense saying I was, rather than telling you the truth, which is 'Hey, I was crying the whole time while we were partying and in that moment, I did not want to confide in you because keeping all of it myself made me way stronger than I am'.
    Yes, I did. I revealed the depth of my feelings to someone with no height of character. In the end, I was left in the dust. Who is to question my sanity, now? I hardly believe I was at fault, here, only for being sincere with my feelings because that made me feel so very strong.
    Yes, I did. I did all I could to make myself feel stronger than I look. What can I say? It really made me feel STRONG.

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