• sven_7 24w

    Why do I come back to you
    Your like a happy childhood
    The feelings we shared are always there
    In my mind like the moon in the sky, forever
    I know theres a lot to be scared of
    I find a strange safety in our love

    So very often I return to those sunny days
    "Monkeys rolled over" as our children played
    Blowing bubbles into the wind
    Yes I'm aware of how long its been
    Can you blame me for returning to a time
    Like that in my mind, it was divine
    I'm not a fool to assume its possible
    It' just reminds me of the plausible

    We always are learning and burning
    To make mistakes right, turning back time
    So does my mind often wish to rewind

    #summer #love #childhood

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    Your like a happy childhood
    My mind comes back to