• syedatr 11w


    Hopefully ,
    You've reached
    Where you want to be
    Hopefully ,
    You've got
    All that you wanted to get
    Hopefully ,
    You've become
    What you wished for
    Hopefully ,
    You've done
    Whatever you dreamed of

    Hopefully ,
    You aren't wasting your time
    In search of love
    In search of devotion
    And a little motivation
    Coz they were already hidden
    Within you
    Hopefully you've searched them
    Within the rhythms of your heart beat
    And not in the noises
    Of the filthy creeps
    you've Raised up
    All the times
    They hit you hard
    And broke you
    Squish you to the ground
    Hopefully ,
    You cared all your wounds
    Until they
    Turned into scars
    Hopefully ,
    You are walking on a path
    Mentioned in the map
    You were not be distracted
    By the obstacles
    Hopefully ,
    You've made it through
    Where you wanted to be
    In your childhood dreams
    But hopefully ,
    You will not turned out
    Into the monster of fame
    Who Are just
    Meant to be
    Fitting in Frames

    (a letter to loved one who left me there to reach his destination)